Text Message Forwarding Iphone Not Showing

Text Message Forwarding Iphone Not Showing. The process i read works is the following: In fact, everything was working as it should until around the time i.

Why isn't my phone showing the text messaging forwarding
Why isn't my phone showing the text messaging forwarding from

I am logged in with my apple. Sign back into imessage on the mac (at this point my. In just a few minutes, you can transfer all of your messages conveniently to your new iphone 13, even if ios 15 is running on it.

If Not, Refresh The Screen By Going Back To The Main Settings Screen, And Then Back Into Settings > Messages.

Scroll down to the messages option and. Enter that code on your iphone. Sign out of imessage on both the iphone and mac.

I Am Running 8.1 And Yosemite, Respectively.

On your iphone, go to settings > messages > text message forwarding.* choose which devices can send and receive text messages from your iphone. Confirm that the 'text message forwarding' option is now visible. Fwiw, also missing from my laptop.

Go The Iphone’s Settings > Messages > Send & Receive And Select “Use Your Apple Id For Imessage”.

At this stage, your other devices may ask you if you want to use your phone number in messages. Then ios allows you to enable imessage with an email associated with your apple id, in addition to your phone number. I can receive imessages on my imac but cannot receive sms messages.

The Process I Read Works Is The Following:

My iphone and mac are connected to the same icloud account and can receive messages at the same email. I am signed in with my apple id on both devices. Launch the settings app on your iphone.

Text Message Forwarding Can Show Ghosts Of Devices Past, But You Can Disable Them Here.

Text message forwarding can be very useful for ios users, but if you can't get it to work or you are simply looking to transfer your messages to a new phone, then imyfone itransor can be a good tool to use instead. If the activation code to set up text message forwarding is not showing up on your mac, ensure that an email address is activated for imessage on your iphone. If not, activate them under settings > messages > text message forwarding.

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