How To Turn On Audio On Reddit App

How To Turn On Audio On Reddit App. Tap the media selection button to open the audio & subtitles menu. It's on the app and happens every day regardless of where i am or if i'm on wifi or lte.

[Free Release] Bluedit for the offical Reddit app. jailbreak
[Free Release] Bluedit for the offical Reddit app. jailbreak from

Seriously though depends more on your device probably than the app. When you’re in the vc click on the sound icon at the bottom. Been like this for a few weeks now.

When You’re In The Vc Click On The Sound Icon At The Bottom.

I can only hear em if they are youtube links. I tap the speaker icon, and it doesn’t do anything. For it, all you need is a browser window and a logged reddit account.

And Voila, There The Task Of “Enable Notification Sounds On Android” Has Been Accomplished.

If there are links to redgifs then you may be able to click there and get sound on some. It should turn on the sound. Today i learned that you can turn.

What Does The Icon Button Looks I Don’t Have Or At Least A Can’t Find It.

Login to your reddit account. Scroll down and turn on the button for use legacy audio subsystem. How tf should i turn on the sound on reddit app.

Turn Any Page/Subreddit On The Site Into An Instant Slideshow, By Adding The Letter P Inside Your Url.

Open your browser (chrome or any browser that supports reddit will do). Once the video is ready, click “download”, a new webpage appears. How to turn off the startup sound in windows 10?

If The Reddit Mobile App Videos Still Have No Sound, Try The Reddit In Browser Like.

If not, you can try the next solution. If the video that you're watching includes audio description: Steps to download reddit video with sound through

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