Day 6: Vera Bradley Toiletry Bag

For the next 12 days we will be posting about the items that make up a Three Strands Swag Bag for a BirthMom. All items are hand picked by someone who has a journey and experience with a BirthMom.

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A name brand item such as Vera Bradley can lift a Birth Mom’s spirit!  I watched a Birth Mom receive the first Vera Bradley bag from Three Strands as she smiled from ear to ear. Most Birth Mom’s do not have the opportunity to own name brand items that they carry with them throughout their lifetime, such as the Vera Bradley bag. This bag is durable and lightweight for all your cosmetics and toiletries.  As a Birth Mom, leaving the hospital with nothing, this amazing bag reminded me that someone out there does believe in me and more importantly, they showed me!

Sierra, Birth Mom

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